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DRA Show 2017

Thank you to all those that attened and helped out with our DRA Show 2017.
It was a very special show as it was my mums last one.
Over the past 10   years my mum has raised around £10.000 for DRA.  Even though it rained this year we managed to raise a big
A huge thank you to all that have attened our shows over the years and to all those that have helped us out.  We are hoping to carry them on as it's what mum would like us to do so please keep checking back for more news. We wont be holding a show this year (2018) but we are looking into next year so keep your eyes peeled for a 2019 show!! 

There are also more photos here 
by Twin Photographic
(click paw print)
Please click the image to see Amber Marie, Biro Portraits photos from the day 

DRA Show 2016

Thank you to all those who came to the DRA Show this year,  It was a great day and we even had nice weather! Also a big thank you to those who have donated and bought stuff from our DRA Auction!
We have so far raised over £1000 :)
We have donated all of our Raffle money (a total of £255.80) to
Save Our Hearts
Thank you all for coming!

Here are a few links of people that took photos on the day. Enjoy


Steffi Cousins
Photography Photos

Michael Yates Photos

The Dog Ate It 

​​DRA Show 2013 - Raised £1610.00.   DRA Show 2011 - Raised £2122.55.  DRA Show 2010 - Raised £1253.00.  DRA Show 2009 -Raised £1676.00.

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