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Our kennel name has been made up from all our past and present dogs, we have taken either 1 or 2 letters from each name to come up with what we believe is a unique but relevant name. All the dogs names are as follows ..... Jay, Aston, Dexter, Kodi and Max.  
My mum had been owned by Dobermanns since she was 12, She rehomed her first 2 then took the plunge and bought our 3rd Jay,  then Dexter, Kodi & Indy. We now have Rio and our latest addition is Riggs.  
Dexter and Kodi were father and daughter, Dex had sired 3 litters producing 30 puppies, 3 of which are being shown, Kodi one of them and a brother and sister from his last litter in 2007. Sadly Dexter went to  The Rainbow Bridge on 19th November 2010.  
He is now joined by his daughter Kodi who had 1 litter and Grandaughter Indy who had 2 litters.
All our dogs have lived in the house with us, Jay, Dex & Kodi having been brought up with children, and thinking about it probably had more toys than we ever did! Where we go, they go, we even bought a campervan so they could come on holidays with us.  
Due to my mum passing away in December 17, us and friends have been helping out to carry on her dream of showing.

Roblore Heaven Sent
 7 years old

Causin Chaos
3 years old

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